Juliane Jaschnow


2019/ 2020
– video 'Rekapitulieren' (15 min, loop), backdrop display (wood, metal)
– sculpture 'N°5' (synthetic, concrete)
– video 'Reichstag on fire' (2 min, loop)
– found footage video 'Vladimir Putins speech in the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany September 25, 2001' (26 min, loop)

On 23 April 2017, hundreds of extras on a field near Moscow reconstruct the iconic key scene of Russian war commemoration – the storming of the German Reichstag and the raising of the Soviet flag atop the building. A copy of the Reichstag erected for this purpose as part of a Russian military-patriotic leisure park initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense is the starting point for the multi-part installation work.

'Rekapitulieren' investigates the modelling of collective monuments of memory, the role of image-political practices and processes of staging and (re)constructing history. It asks about the ghostly switching points of the past and the 'identitarian' intentions with which historical images can be reanimated and used in the present. The core of the work is a video installation based on the montage of found footage and self-shot material. Together with sculptural and other filmic elements, the iconic symbol Reichstag becomes legible as a hybrid media setting.

Rekapitulieren video excerpt
Rekapitulieren / № 5 installation view, IDEAL art space Leipzig
Rekapitulieren video excerpt
Rekapitulieren installation view, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Reichstag on fire installation view, IDEAL art space Leipzig