Juliane Jaschnow

The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds /
Die Wirkung des Geschützes auf Gewitterwolken

experimental documentary
in co-authorship with Stefanie Schroeder
30 min

Waves, storms and tornadoes are heading towards us – everybody knows this, the weather forecasters, YouTube and games developers. The climate scenario becomes a lot of hot air, data sloshing everywhere, shitstorms or floods of refugees. Language, metaphors and images are instruments of control. They are used to dispel - and instill - fear. How does the image function as a document, as fiction, trophy, counterattack? How close are manipulation and prediction? Is the weather still real?

A film about storm images and the storm as an image: Stormchasers pursue weather phenomena with the camera to turn them into photgraphic trophies. In front of the greenscreen of the TV studio the weathermen points into the void. At the Max Planck Institute, birds fly against artificial wind. Lovestormpeople flood the internet with their skewed slogans. Escape games play upon people’s societal fears. On fruit plantations hail cannons shoot 130 db soundwaves into the sky. Which weather has become normality? Either way, 'something massive is coming towards us.'

To watch the full film and get the password please contact >> mail@julianejaschnow.de

The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds film excerpt
The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds film trailer
The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds film excerpt